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    Deville live

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    Redotting - Impro

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    New Tunes 22.9.2023

    ## Hello, music lovers and everyone else! 🎶 It's Friday again, almost the weekend, and the #newtunes selection of new music from well-known and lesser-known musicians competing for our attention is h...

    Alien Nosejob live

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    Mother's Cake - The Beetle

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    New Tunes 15.9.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎶 It's Friday and we're already one foot into the weekend. Maybe you're going to a music event? Whether you are or not, if you can spare a few minutes of your precious time, h...

    Slainte Ol' Friend - Streams Of Whiskey

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    Neon Lies live

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    ThreeTuneTuesday - Duets

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's Tuesday, time for #threetunetuesday, and a chance for me to share something I'm listening to. Today I'm just going to follow up on my [previous post](https://ecency....

    New Tunes 8.9.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎶 Are you still happy and satisfied in this slowly ending summer? In the most decentralized blockchain social network? In a harsh real world where you have to fight to survive?...

    Seven That Spells

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    ThreeTuneTuesday - Divas

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's Tuesday, time for #threetunetuesday, and a chance for me to share something I'm listening to. I usually get the idea for what I'm going to post in the morning in the...

    Power Flower - Piss Drawer

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    New Tunes 1.9.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 The first day of school in our primary and secondary schools. Students need to make the most of it, and good music should not be missing now. No problem, here's a #newtunes...

    School Drugs - Absolution

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    New Tunes 25.8.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's Friday once again, and that means it's time for #newtunes! This is a collection of songs that you can enjoy throughout the weekend and beyond. ![](https://images.ecenc...

    Eating Sports - Tim Tom Teo

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    ThreeTuneTuesday - Grungers

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's Tuesday, time for #threetunetuesday and a chance for me to share a bit of music history. For those of you who already know it might be interesting (or not), for those...

    Palánta - Demo

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    New Tunes 18.8.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 What's going on? Concerts, open-air festivals, anything going on where you are? There's a lot going on, but I can't be everywhere. Still, we're watching for new music, so he...

    Dion Lunadon - Living And Dying With You

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    ThreeTuneTuesday - Recycling Alternative

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 For today's #ttt, I decided to look back at my own past, what I've been listening to and recording for the last two years, and what I've been posting on 3speak. I have just...

    Incantation live

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    New Tunes 11.8.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 Hot and wet, an almost catastrophic summer, just like the music we listen to these days :) If in my previous #newtunes post I introduced the famous and celebrated artists on ...

    Church of the Cosmic Skull live

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    New Tunes 4.8.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 In this sunny, humid, and rainy summer, I took a little break from #newtunes and just listened to my old playlists for a while. And after 20 days, I'd had enough. I started...

    Morvern - Die

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    Malady Lane live

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    Monster Magnet live

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    ThreeTuneTuesday: Sister Machine Gun

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's been a while since my last #ttt post. Maybe it's time for another one! As I'm without commitments and on vacation, I don't feel like looking new music for [#newtunes](...

    Dalyrium Bay live

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    Timid Kooky - Volcano Dragon

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    Kiwi Flash - Gozd

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    New Tunes 14.7.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 Yes, summer is here and high temperatures too. The open-air festivals have started and there are as many musicians as you want. Just in case (if you're not going anywhere),...

    Chains - Devil

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    New Tunes 7.7.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 A lot of festivals around. Hard to choose where to go for the weekend. But don't worry, here are #newtunes suggestions for the weekend and beyond, maybe you'll like something...

    Smedja In Smetke - Manifest

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    Drone Hunter Live

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    New Tunes 29.6.2023

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 Here we are already in the summer season, with festivals galore and all the new music you could want. And from this huge pool of sounds, #newtunes has put together a selectio...

    KPAX! - Terapija

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    ThreeTuneTuesday: On The Road

    ## Hello music lovers! 🎵 Time for a new #ttt post started by @ablaze. I've been traveling on Sunday, and at that time I usually use my phone with a music player of some kind and stream the music I ...

    Kontradikshn - We Know

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    New Tunes 23.6.2023

    Hello music lovers! 🎵 I've managed to put together a #newtunes selection for the weekend and beyond! And summer has started. Open-air festivals time, bands and fans are already cruising the countrys...

    Lombego Surfers - Surf!

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    Moondivers - Super Supply

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    Bleakness - Mechanism Of Death

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    New Tunes 16.6.2023

    Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's Friday again and time for #newtunes. This week, we've got quite a few suggestions to listen to over the weekend. Of course, summer is here, with musicians presenting their...

    Eugene Chadbourne & Schroeder - Summertime Blues

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    ThreeTuneTuesday: Soundtracks

    Hello music lovers! 🎵 It's been a while since my last #ttt post. And it's time for the next one. Since I recently rewatched an old sci-fi movie a couple of days ago to bring back memories and get b...