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05/22/2024 - 82 Upvotes - 752 Words

Like Caesar's salad

Picture of post : Like Caesar's salad

Hello, chefs! 😋 After some time (three months) precisely, I have another dish to share. I didn't create the recipe, but I often improvised. This is my version of a Caesar salad, but I added different ...

05/21/2024 - 77 Upvotes - 860 Words

Three Tune Tuesday - R.I.P. Steve Albini

Picture of post : Three Tune Tuesday - R.I.P. Steve Albini

Hello, music lovers! 🎵 It's a Tuesday, so it's time for #threetunetuesday and a chance to share something I'm listening to. My last post here was a month ago, and continuing with the music, I'm recall...

05/20/2024 - 88 Upvotes - 560 Words

Widowspeak - Salt

Picture of post : Widowspeak - Salt

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Widowspeak is an American band from New York, actually a duo made up of Molly and Rob. They started out as Widowspeak in 2010, when they started playing in bars and small clubs ...

05/19/2024 - 163 Upvotes - 380 Words

LMAC212: Game With Gods

Picture of post : LMAC212: Game With Gods

Hello, everyone! 😎📷 Here's my entry to the Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 212 - 62 HIVE in the Prize Pool! In this collage, I play with the gods. Ancient Greek cult...

05/17/2024 - 86 Upvotes - 1049 Words

New Tunes, 17.5.2024

Picture of post : New Tunes, 17.5.2024

Hello, music lovers! 🎶 A week has passed, and I've managed to put together #newtunes again. I'm sharing music suggestions for the weekend and beyond. Now, the question is, listen to all these styles ...

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