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09/27/2023 - 59 Upvotes - 342 Words

Rooster And Hens

Picture of post : Rooster And Hens

Hello everyone! 😎🐓 My mother has 12 hens and a rooster, for the eggs of course. During the day they roam freely in the garden, but in the evening, or when it starts to get dark, they go to sleep in th...

09/26/2023 - 97 Upvotes - 411 Words

Deville live

Picture of post : Deville live

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Deville is a four-piece heavy rock band from Malmo, Sweden. They started playing in 2004 and quickly gained a reputation as a concert attraction supporting Red Fang, Sepultura a...

09/25/2023 - 63 Upvotes - 389 Words

Redotting - Impro

Picture of post : Redotting - Impro

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Redotting is a new Slovenian band, this is its first performance, and it consists of experienced musicians who have been playing in other bands for quite some time. According to...

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