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07/21/2024 - 104 Upvotes - 394 Words

Unexpected visitor

Picture of post : Unexpected visitor

Hello, everyone! 😎 About a month ago, as the sun began to set during our seaside stay, I eagerly anticipated a tranquil evening. After a day of refreshing swims, the prospect of a cold beer, some musi...

07/20/2024 - 204 Upvotes - 1218 Words

Beer Tasting Starvation, Petrus, and Szalon

Picture of post : Beer Tasting Starvation, Petrus, and Szalon

Hello, beer lovers! 🍻 Finally, a few raindrops fell - half an hour of light rain after three weeks. It was such a relief, and the smell of wet earth was invigorating. At least it cooled the heat a lit...

07/19/2024 - 153 Upvotes - 917 Words

New Tunes 19.7.2024

Picture of post : New Tunes 19.7.2024

Hello, music lovers! 🎶 Sun, sea, and summer tunes are all I need right now — without much talking or writing! A selection of fresh #newtunes songs for the weekend and beyond. If you have a few minute...

07/18/2024 - 134 Upvotes - 589 Words

Kavasutra - David Cringeaj

Picture of post : Kavasutra - David Cringeaj

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Kavasutra is a newer Slovenian band from Nova Gorica. They have released two albums so far. The latest, Ta veseli dan, (in Engl. This Happy Day), was released at the end of May th...

07/17/2024 - 356 Upvotes - 866 Words

Field Updates - Drought, Heat, and Pumpkins

Picture of post : Field Updates - Drought, Heat, and Pumpkins

Hello, everyone interested in gardening! 👨‍🌾 A little about my farming again. It's been a little over a month since my last post and it's getting hotter and hotter here, with rain coming out of nowher...

07/16/2024 - 162 Upvotes - 841 Words

Three Tune Tuesday - Deep Forest

Picture of post : Three Tune Tuesday - Deep Forest

Hello, music lovers! 🎵 It's a Tuesday, so it's time for #threetunetuesday and a chance to share something I'm listening to. My last post here was a month ago, and continuing with the music, it's time ...

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