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Date: 12/04/2023 - Upvotes : 122 - Words : 347

Nenad Kriljiv - Kdo=Kdo

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Nenad Kriljiv is a rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, led by actor Gregor Gruden and featuring experienced musicians from various Slovenian bands.

Their motivation is mainly laid-back rock relaxation. The band is characterised by a rich guitar sound and lyrics, sometimes humorous, but essentially a reflection of the era we live in. The band's name in English means Unsurpassed and the name of the song is Who is Who.

This is a part from their performance in MKNZ underground rock club, Slovenia, 13.10.2023.


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godfish :

Does "Kdo" in Slovenian also mean "who"?

florecitamejias :

I have a long time without a night out to enjoy a good band so thank you for taking me to enjoy this talent, in the comfort of my home he,he,he,he.

biyimi :

That's really a cool music

chidistickz :

Hmmm amazing 😍 You guys really rock, this is great talent friend A big hug from here

rafzat :

They are really amazing I love the performance Nice one!

jesus-son :

My love for a band didn't allow me just pass by to take a look. Sometime I wish I had a bans of this nature ri go our with and do music Thanks for sharing man

w74 :

Dali MAJKE ima slovenskog pjevaća?