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Date: 12/05/2023 - Upvotes : 87 - Words : 1074


Hello music lovers! 🎵

It's Tuesday, time for #threetunetuesday and a chance for me to share something I'm listening to. I haven't checked in for a while, my last post was two months ago when it was still hot here and I was reflecting on summer festivals.

Well, we are now deep into winter here, the snow has almost reached the lowlands, so to the door where it is not yet, it will be soon. But I don't mean to describe any Christmas songs today, don't be scared, haha, I'm going to present some songs by one of my favourite band, it has a long name, but it's often spelled KGLW which stands for King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

Before I get to the music, a word or two for those who are not quite sure what TTT is: For those of you who are not (yet) familiar with #threetunetuesday or #ttt - these are tags you need to set when you post.
It's a music initiative started by @ablaze, and with his words, the jist is as follows:

Every Tuesday I'm going to share 3 songs which I like to listen to and I invite your feedback in the comments below. Better still, why not have a blast of your own Three Tune Tuesday and mention me in the post and I'll come and find the post and upvote it. If you could also use #threetunetuesday tag that would be great, as that is what I use when sifting through all the entries every Wednesday. It'll be a sweet way for us all to discover new music. You'll also be in with a chance of winning the prize.

🎵 🎧 🎤

I met this band seven years ago, I've been following them regularly ever since, they're still one of my favourites. They play practically anything you can think of. What fascinates me about them is their extraordinary productivity, they release several albums in a year, they try out songs on tour, they do a lot of live recording. Formed in 2010 as a sort of jam band of schoolmates and friends, in Melbourne, Australia. First they played some garage rock with psychedelic influences, kind of an average local band, but everything changed in 2017 with their ninth album "Flying Microtonal Banana" when they started to use so called microtonal elements in their music. The album got a lot of attention from music critics and listeners and the way to the world stages, where they are now one of the biggest concert attractions, was opened for them.

So, I've picked out a few clips of the band.

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake is their first single from nineth album Flying Microtonal Banana. Also the song that attracted me to start following them. Fast, energetic rock'n'roll, with a touch of psychedelics that you can hardly follow. The video is naive at first, but then you feel a kind of hypnosis. Apparently, rattlesnake is a metaphor for the global music industry. Wondering why two drummers? As I read it, it's because of the microtonal rhythm, because the microtonal octave has twice as many tones as ours, each semitone of the classical octave, in microtonal theory, is its own tone. They had to learn to play that way and they adapted all the instruments to that.

🎵 🎧 🎤

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Iron Lung

This song is more recent, from, I think, 24th album Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava, from October last year. If you ask me, it's the best arrangement of high vibrations that I've heard in years. If we take away the heavy metal part, I would dare to say that they sound like a turbo Grateful Dead, a psychedelic jazz metal fusion of sounds. To do something like that, including the video, you have to be either totally stoned or completely in control. What do you think? The former or the latter?

🎵 🎧 🎤

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Astroturf

Astroturf is a song from the album Changes, released in January this year. Before that they released one heavy black metal album, but I chose this song because it's more jazzy, groovy and funky. The clip is from the studio, as a promo for the album. As you can see, band members are great multi-instrumentalists, and they easily move from one instrument to another and easily change the musical genres.

🎵 🎧 🎤

And a bonus at the end :) I won't explain too much, but listen to this classic boogie in microtonal version. I think it's awesome. From the album Fish and Fishies, April 2019.

KGLW - Boogieman Sam

I hope you got at least a hint from this remarkable band. Also, all these songs are from albums I own, and I have a lot more to listen to from their really rich repertoire, which is all on Bandcamp.

That's all for today, thank you for your attention.

🎵 🎧 🎤

This is my 27th post for #threetunetuesday, which was started by @ablaze. I hope what I'm sharing is interesting for others too, because then it makes sense.

If you're curious about the latest music releases, follow me on #newtunes, or take a look at my rare recordings at Seckorama's Music Podcast - audio or 3speak channel - video.


The front image is created in Night Cafe Studio and edited in Photoshop.

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🎵 🎧 🎤
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the-lead :

You know what they say about when music have good instrumentation, the singer will flow and be able to express themselves without having issues and also the listener will be happy to listen to it. These are great songs you shared and I love them so much.. I should add some to my music list.

rafzat :

I love the intro of the first song Including the beat and video They are very nice

biyimi :

Your music recommendations you always share never disappoint