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Date: 03/14/2024 - Upvotes : 196 - Words : 665

Reflections Hunting #158

Hello everyone! 😎

It's 158th Reflection Hunting contest in a row. The second regular weekly contest in the Shadow Hunters community where you can win nice prizes with a little effort.

Reflections can be found in various materials such as glass, water, and mirrors and If you have a mobile phone (I'm sure you have!), you can capture reflections in your photos. Just pay attention to your surroundings and you'll spot them. This isn't a highly technical photo contest where judges evaluate all aspects of the photo like colors, framing, lighting, contrast, and so on. Focus on the details of the reflection. You'll find it enjoyable. Our community rewards each post with at least a tip, or even a reward if you follow the contest rules. And the best part? It costs you absolutely nothing.

If you don't know: the Shadow Hunters community paid out $8801 in rewards last year! $3954 author rewards and $4845 curator rewards! Source.

Here are some examples of my recent reflections, in different places, and I hope you like them.

Rainbow and reflection On one of my drives home from work recently, a rainbow appeared after the rain and I had to capture it on my phone. Yes, I was focused on the rainbow, but when I was looking at the photos later I noticed the reflection of the road in the car mirror :)

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Mirror in the hallway Reflection in the lobby mirror. Yes, I can say that we don't have the tidiest place :) and that some things, mostly things we don't need, are scattered all over the place. Well here we see one flower in the mirror and all the rest is messy.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Reflections in water This is on a walk. Reflections of bushes and trees in the water, you can see the vegetation and branches sticking out on all sides.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Reflection in car windows Parked cars have always been one of the best sources for me to shoot reflections. Here too, we see the surroundings, the sky, the house, and various trees in the reflection.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Light panel display Night, but not solid darkness. I hope you can see well what I wanted to show. On the left we see the light display 'MKNΕ½', which is the name of the rock club where I often record the bands that perform, and on the right the reflection of this panel in the window of the van the band has driven up in.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

That's all for today, thank you very much for your attention!

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

50% of the earnings of this post will go to the beneficiaries of the community (@hive-179017).

I would also like, to thank @olgavita, for hosting the Reflection Hunters contest, @melinda010100 as the main admin of the Shadow Hunters community, @annephilbrick for all background work, and all other sponsors that allowed this contest to go ahead.

You can read more about the prizes and conditions of participation in this contest here. You can also enter Shadow Hunters (SMaSH - Show Me a Shadow) Round 312 contest which is already running.

Good to know:
All comments here and on all Shadow Hunters community posts get staked ARCHON tokens!

**I wish you successful Reflection Hunting!**

If you are interested in more contests that are currently running, I suggest you check out the latest ArchonTribe News or take a look to the Ecency Discord Channel - Contests-Awarding-Points.

And here's something else: There has been a lot of development in Hive core but documentation is outdated and updates are needed. So I invite you to support and vote for Hive devportal updates proposal by @good-karma.

Support and vote for those exceptional witnesses: @good-karma, @liotes, @fbslo and @detlev.witness.

🎡 🎧 🎀
**Stay Healthy!** ![logosecko.gif](

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Comments :

dailyspam :

Nice shot! 😎 I like how the rainbow line continues in the mirror. !ALIVE !LOLZ

visualblock :
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rafzat :

Those are beautiful reflections I love the pictures a lot

biyimi :

It has really been quite a whole lot of time that I saw rainbow

cryptomother :

nice reflections

mysteriousroad :

Beautiful reflection pictures 😍 Good luck for the contest πŸ˜€

precab :

These are really great nice shots