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Date: 01/29/2024 - Upvotes : 75 - Words : 455

Reflections Hunting #152

Hello everyone! 😎

This is the 152nd edition of the Reflection Hunters contest! You probably have a mobile phone and take photos with it, so you have the chance to catch some reflections!
You can find reflections in glass, water, mirrors, and many other materials - all it takes is a little attention. Post it to the Shadow Hunters community and you'll get at least a tip for posting it, or even a reward. It costs you absolutely nothing.

If you don't know: the Shadow Hunters community paid out $8801 in rewards last year! $3954 author rewards and $4845 curator rewards! Source.

And here are my recent reflections, external and internal, in different places and I hope you like them.

Reflections on the glass wall Reflections from the street on the glass walls of the Ljubljana Medical Centre's Urgent Care Block, Slovenia. The helicopter landing pad can be seen above.

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

Reflection on the door Reflection on the door of the ambulance, first on the outside mirror, then on the inside of the building.

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

Reflections in car windows The reflection of the neighboring building in the car windows on a sunny day is deformed due to the angle, plus the reflection in the outside mirror of the car, that is probably a bonus :)

That's all for today, thank you very much for your attention!

📷 😎 📷

50% of the earnings of this post will go to the beneficiaries of the community (@hive-179017).

I would also like, to thank @olgavita, for hosting the Reflection Hunters contest, @melinda010100 as the main admin of the Shadow Hunters community, @annephilbrick for all background work, and all other sponsors that allowed this contest to go ahead.

You can read more about the prizes and conditions of participation in this contest here.

Good to know:
All comments here and on all Shadow Hunters community posts get staked ARCHON tokens!

**I wish you successful Reflection Hunting!**

If you are interested in more contests that are currently running, I suggest you check out the latest ArchonTribe News or take a look to the Ecency Discord Channel - Contests-Awarding-Points.

And here's something else: There has been a lot of development in Hive core but documentation is outdated and updates are needed. So I invite you to support Hive devportal updates Proposal by @good-karma.
Thank you in advance.

📷 😎 📷
**Stay Healthy!** ![logosecko.gif](

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Comments :

biyimi :

These are really amazing shots you actually have here

rafzat :

I feel you actually saved the best for the last right now The last picture is really lovely Nice one!

aloysiusmbaba :

You've got some good reflection shots shared here. I think the Block reflection near to the helipad is a really good one. Thanks for posting them and have a nice day.

hivebuzz :

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