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Date: 04/05/2024 - Upvotes : 462 - Words : 1212

New Tunes 5.4.2024

Hello music lovers! 🎢

It's Friday and the day to post new music! Fresh #newtunes suggestions are ahead and waiting to be heard. But is there a global hit among them? Who knows. But it's stayed in my ears this week and now I'm sharing it with you.

Lesser-known musicians are trying to make a success of their songs, and if you have a few minutes to spare, it's a good idea to support them. If you don't like something, skip it.


🎡 🎧 🎡

Vampire Weekend - Capricorn

Vampire Weekend, an American indie rock band, released their fifth album, Only God Was Above Us, in February. Nothing earth-shatteringly new, an old recognizable style where everything sounds like something older, but that doesn't mean it's not digestible. On the contrary, they have created something new by returning to their own past, which will be quite enough for the band's fans.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Peggy Gou - 1+1=11

Peggy Gou is a South Korean DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Berlin. New name for me. What I've heard from her so far is classic dance techno that leans pop and goes fast to the ears. Her first album 'I Hear You' is out in July and the song 1+1=11 is the trailer for the album for which she has engaged her friend, the artist Olafur Eliasson, to make a video of him dancing in a light installation in his studio in Berlin. I wonder if it wasn't more him who engaged her to write a song for him to move in the light. Who knows...

🎡 🎧 🎡

Remi Wolf - Cinderella

Remi Wolf is a young American singer and producer from Palo Alto, California. A new name for me, she started working in music in 2014 when she won the American Idol TV show. Bedroom pop style, with a touch of funk and soul. In 2019 she released a self-released single 'You're a Dog' which had quite success and immediately signed to Virgin Records. Whether or not she will become a big star remains to be seen. This song, Cinderella, is the trailer for her second album Big Ideas which will be released in July.

🎡 🎧 🎡

PLEASANTS - Karaoke Booth

Pleasants is an Australian punk band, a new name for me. The band members are deep into the DIY (do it yourself) movement, so it's no surprise that they recorded their new album 'Rocanrol in mono' on cassette (anyone else remember them?) and as the album title says, in mono. Garage rock with a touch of egg-punk. The songs sound repressed, raw, energetic, and direct, like some old songs from the seventies that someone found in the closet. DIY scene in the truest sense.

🎡 🎧 🎡


Brat is an American band from New Orleans, active since 2021, they are also a new band for me, they have released a couple of EPs so far and, at the end of March, their debut album 'Social Grace' which raised quite a bit of dust with the death grind and power fiddle crowd. Although the singer (blonde) loves the color pink, or so she says, she has no problem unveiling death metal vocals and shocking the crowd. I'm sure Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer) would have listened to her too. The whole band is completely out of the context of the death metal genre, probably intentionally. The song of the same name criticizes the ruling class of the obscenely rich, which is also visible in the official video.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Ill Considered - Linus With The Sick Burn

Ill Considered is a jazz trio from London, performing since 2017, and with 16 albums under their belt, they play like clockwork. Their latest release, Precipice, is an elegant, superbly recorded piece of music on which the trio doesn't stray too far from their roots. Liran Donin on bass guitar, Emre Ramazanoglu on drums and saxophone master Idris Rahman have no regard for structure or composition, but improvise playfully and try to capture bits of magic. At times they even succeed.

🎡 🎧 🎡

PLANET B - Terrible Purpose feat. Ric Scales

Planet B is the project of Justin Pearson, a punk musician who can also be heard on vocals or bass or both in Swing Kids, The Locust, Dead Cross, and Retox. Planet B is his experimental project, which presents his second album Fiction Prediction. The sound is an unconventional and nervous groove, in the song Terrible Purpose we also hear some hip hop and rap, with Ric Scales, colored with lyrics from the themes of older sci-fi films and horror movies.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Koala Voice - Late For The Party

Finally, I returned to my home and my home gang. Koala Voice is the most famous Slovenian indie rock band, performing successfully for about ten years on European stages. They are about to release their fifth album 'Auf Wiedersehn' and the single Late For The Party is like an introduction. If anyone is interested in more, I recorded them about a year ago.

🎢That's all for today, and enjoy your weekend and holidays with new songs!

🎡 🎧 🎡

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Comments :

rafzat :

You gave us so many great jams today I pick Remi Wolf Nice jam!

melinda010100 :

Curated with an Ecency vote. β™₯️

w74 :

I'm just going to start the programme (perhaps a little too pretentiously) from the back. Koala voice - Your choice of example (eins, zwei, drei) sounds too much like the unbearable Madonna. It doesn't do the band justice. This one is more appropriate, in my opinion:
**I had to ignore the artist in order to concentrate on the music. And it paid off! Highly recommended. **Remi Wolf** - Finally not a boring stew from BeyoncΓ© or Taylor Swift's cuisine. While **Vampire Weekend** gives me the feeling that I've heard it all before, **Peggy Gou** (even though it's not necessarily my favourite kind of music) is quite exciting. So much so that I immediately decided to add another track to it.