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New Tunes 26.4.2024

Hello, music lovers! 🎢

It's Friday again, and preparations for the weekend and the Labour Day holiday. Rally music has been pounding in my ears all week, but I've easily picked some exciting tunes to accompany us over the weekend and beyond.

Well-known and lesser-known musicians working in various genres are trying to get our attention. And if you have a minute or more, you can listen to them. But if you don't like something, feel free to skip it.


Johnny Cash - Well Alright

Johnny Cash's unreleased 1993 album is called Songwriter. Thanks to his son, Johnny Carter Cash, and a team of top country musicians, it will be released at the end of June this year and will feature 11 songs. The first single, Well Alright, a classic country arrangement with a steady and solid rhythm and witty lyrics, has been released for now. I recommend it to all curious listeners and fans.

🎡 🎧 🎡

The Zutons - Creeping On The Dancefloor

After 16 years, The Zutons, an English indie groove rock band from Liverpool, announced their new album. They were pretty popular between 2001 and 2009, with a few chart hits, but then quietly disappeared. By the way, the new album, The Big Decider, is out today and is a set-up for a big comeback. Neil Rodgers (Chic), a well-known disco music producer, produced it. Judging by the song Creeping On The Dancefloor, they are doing well :)

🎡 🎧 🎡

And Also The Trees - Town Square

And Also The Trees is an English band from London, which is unknown to me (until now). They've been active since 1979, more than 50 years, and in that time, they've released thirteen albums, the latest being Mother-of-pearl Moon, released in February this year, from which this song Town Square is taken. This is a melodic blend of electric mandolin sounds, dreamy saxophones, dark jazz rhythms, and poetic lyricism. It's worth a listen.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Melvins - Allergic To Food

The Melvins are an American rock band from Montesano. They have been active for over forty years and are known for their eccentric approach to various musical genres, from grunge, sludge metal, ambient, doom, noise, and experimental jazz-rock. The number of albums released and past members is about the same :) The Melvins' latest album, Tarantula Heart, was released last week, and it's nothing particularly new. The band is still flying from track to track through the genres listed above. The song Allergic To Food is a highly condensed guitar improvisation, a crazy rock anthem. I chose it because of the video. If you watch it, you'll see why :)

🎡 🎧 🎡

Drahla - Default Parody

Drahla is an art-rock or post-wave band from Leeds, UK. New to me, they've been playing since 2016 and have released a couple of EPs and two albums, the latest, Angeltape, in early April this year. The music is more or less experimental; it has been labeled skronk by critics, which means producing the raw and discordant sound of electric guitars. The songs sound like they've hastily thrown together a couple of chords and riffs. Still, in reality, they maintain a state of controlled chaos through instrumental improvisation of guitars, saxophone, and forced linear vocals.

🎡 🎧 🎡

EEG Coherence – Jitters

EEG Coherence is a brand new band led by Brahja (Devin Brahja Waldman), a multi-instrumentalist and composer from New York. He is also known for his collaborations with Patti Smith, Thurston Moore, Lydia Lunch, and many others. The band's sound smells intense (if sound can smell, haha) of the New York School of Avant-garde Jazz. The song Jitters is from their debut album, called as a band, and was released at the beginning of April. I recommend listening! Not just this song but the whole album.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Khruangbin - Pon Pón

Khruangbin is an American trio from Houston, Texas. They have been playing together since 2010, musically following various influences, from surf rock, neo-soul, and dub to funk. The songs are built with a blend of drum and bass but are dominated by virtuoso guitar, which often replaces the vocals. They cover everything from traditional Afghan music to spaghetti westerns, with the song Pon PΓ³n even flirting with Brazilian funk. Highly recommended.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Glass Beams - Mahal

Glass Beams is an Australian trio from Melbourne with Indian and Armenian roots. They've been playing since 2021. This is a new band for me. They have released two EPs, the last one Mahal a month ago. Someone wrote that it was a collaboration between Altin GΓΌn and Khruangbin, a fusion of Western styles with traditional Indian music. Already, their first EP, the hypnotic Mirage, from 2021 catapulted them into the collective consciousness of millions of new followers via streaming services and social networks, and they were forced to release another one with unreleased tracks. And trapped me in their psychedelic and hypnotic cage of sounds that are hard to shake.

🎢That's all for today, and enjoy your weekend and holidays with new songs!

🎡 🎧 🎡

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Comments :

rafzat :

All the songs are really cool I love the soundtrack of The Zutons - Creeping on the dance floor

w74 :

Johnny Cash: A storyteller par excellence. If only I had known beforehand what could happen in a launderette β€” I would never have put a washing machine in my flat! πŸ˜‰

The Zutons: If I listen to this for any length of time, I'm afraid I'll go mad. The whole time, I'm thinking about where I've heard the individual passages of the song before - or (even better) whether David Lee Roth isn't the singer after all? πŸ™„

And Also The Trees: Musically, not exactly a revelation for me β€” but the voice and the lyrics make up for it.

EEG Coherence: There's nothing to complain about. Exciting from the first to the last bar. 🎡

Khruangbin: Could it be that Lee Ritenour recorded a song with Grover Washington Jr. and the track ended up in the hands of Khruangbin? I always say it's jazz washed with Lenor Ultra β€” very soft on the skin and therefore not really exciting.πŸ€”

zekepickleman :

Good god what a diverse selection of tunes.

I think I was drawn in, like many others will, with the man in black and neat development with unreleased music. That guy is a piece of history with the power to cross genres and be enjoyed by everyone. Big loss but his music lives on.

Another one that caught my eye was The Melvins. I discovered them in a big era for me when the 80s had bled themselves out after too long a stay and the industry draining the life out of the heavy metal we loved for so long. Grungy heavy weird and alternative was so perfect for me as I found new stuff to enjoy. For some reason, they remind me of Helmet in terms of era and I had a chance to finally see them live last year.

I skipped down through the rest of them as I will play them as a sound track while I set up my post for the day and get caught up on a little online work later on. Plenty of new to me stuff to discover too

So great how music can take us back.