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New Tunes, 17.5.2024

Hello, music lovers! 🎢

A week has passed, and I've managed to put together #newtunes again. I'm sharing music suggestions for the weekend and beyond.

Now, the question is, listen to all these styles and genres, primarily by lesser-known musicians! Keeping up with the latest music trends is a breeze. You can learn about the music already creating ripples on most streaming platforms in just a few minutes. If you like something, I'll be happy to help, but feel free to skip it if you don't!


🎡 🎧 🎡

Mdou Moctar - Imouhar

Mdou Moctar, born Mahamadou Souleymane, is a dynamic figure on the music scene. Over the last decade, his unique combination of desert blues and explosive rock has captivated audiences around the world. Moctar, who sings in the Tamasheq language and is often dressed in traditional clothing, has become a cultural symbol for the Tuareg people, and his music addresses social and political issues stemming from colonialism in Africa. His latest album, Funeral for Justice, was released at the beginning of May. He sees his music primarily as a tool for awareness-raising, especially in light of the continuing political instability in his native Niger.

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Skee Mask - Dachtekker

Skee Mask, or Bryan MΓΌller, has been releasing music under this name for ten years. He recently released a new EP, the tenth in the Illian Skee Series, called ISS010. Powerful and direct techno is packaged in a subtle dub atmosphere, full of drums, cymbals, and synths in echoes. I recommend headphones, where the sound comes alive and every sonic manipulation of the effects comes to maximum expression. Especially tailored for enthusiasts of the genre.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Angel-Ho - Simon & Sally

Angel-Ho is a new name for me. She is a non-binary producer, singer, songwriter, and performer from Cape Town, South Africa, and, as she describes herself, "the gypsy of the world." She's been making music since 2015 and has released a couple of EPs and seven albums, most recently Stain in early April. Musically, I would place her (him?) somewhere in the neo-pop genre, with influences from ballroom and references from 80s Western pop. At times, it reminds me of Grace Jones.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Necrot - Drill The Skull

Necrot, from Oakland, California, is an American death metal trio that has been living in the genre since 2011. They have released a couple of EPs and three albums, the latest, Lifeless Birth, in April of this year. Necrot are death metallers of the old school, and even the latest album is nothing particularly new under the dead sun. The brutality and rawness of early 90s American death metal continue into the twenty-first century, and there's no sign that the creative inspiration in expressing such sounds will wane.

🎡 🎧 🎡

The Bridge City Sinners - Doubt

The Bridge City Sinners are from Portland, Oregon, USA. They started as friends playing on the streets for fun in 2016 and are currently one of the biggest attractions in the so-called punk-folk or dark/death folk scene. It's not folk music for our grandparents :) They've released two albums so far, and the song Doubt is a teaser for their third, In the Age of Doubt, which will be released in early July this year. Doubt is about uncertainty in our world of conflict, chaos, and division, and the constant figuring out what is right and wrong. By the way, I mentioned them in #newtunes four years ago. They've come far...

🎡 🎧 🎡

Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven

Mannequin Pussy is an American pop punk and indie rock band from Philadelphia. It has been around since 2010 and has had several member changes. The band has released its fifth studio album, I Got Heaven. It's out in December 2023, but recently, a performance recording of the same name came out from World Cafe, and I decided to post it in #newtunes. The music is dynamic and melodic, ranging from the explosiveness of some Pixies to the pleasant pop-rock tones of, say, Garbage.

🎡 🎧 🎡

Pet Shop Boys - Dancing star

The Pet Shop Boys, the synthpop/dance duo of British fame, released their 15th album, Nonetheless, in April. Although they are getting on in years, especially in dance and electronic music, they still have the quality to write catchy tunes that will resonate in the ears for some time. Top production also does its job. Dancing Star is a song about the Russian ballet dancer and the breakthrough through the Iron Curtain, Rudolf Nureyev.

🎡 🎧 🎡


For Big Special, the Birmingham-based English duo is stirring up attention on radio charts across the island and Europe, thanks to @w74, who mentioned them to me in a previous #newtunes post. So far, they've released one single, Shithouse, for fans only, on vinyl. As I understand it, their project was conceived during the Kovid era, and they started getting attention late last year with shows around the area. They say they are neither Big nor Special and cannot answer where it will all turn. The debut album, POSTINDUSTRIAL HOMETOWN BLUES, was released on May 10, and the duo is on a European tour...

🎢That's all for today, and enjoy your weekend and holidays with new songs!

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sahi1 :

w74 :

Before he gets completely forgotten... Thank you for Mdou Moctar. He will have his place alongside Ali Farkar Toure, Tinariwen, Amadou & Miriam and Songhoy Blues. What can I say about Angel-Ho? Once she gets the gender thing sorted out, maybe her music will be better too? For The Bridge City Sinners it's a completely different story. It's worth keeping your headphones on for a long time! I'm not sure if Mannequin Pussy is a good name for a band project? But the music and lyrics really belong on stage. Rudolf Nureyev deserves (and this is my firm belief) a better musical tribute than the same old droning from the Pet Shop Boys**.