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New Tunes 12.4.2024

Hello music lovers! 🎶

It's hot as if it's already summer! And here we go again with a hot selection of fresh #newtunes songs by famous and less-known artists to brighten up our weekend!

In short, a few minutes of our time, whoever wants it, of course, is the best support we can offer. But if you don't like something, as usual, just skip it.


🎵 🎧 🎵

Kings Of Leon - Mustang

Kings Of Leon, a band from Nashville, USA, started in 1999. Four guys with the same last name (Followill) tried their hand at Southern and garage rock and over the years they have been influenced by several styles and have slowly risen to the top of the charts, where they have now been successfully residing for some time. I have to admit that I haven't listened to them much, but yesterday on the radio on the drive home I heard the song Mustang from their new, ninth album called 'Can We Please Have Fun'. The subtle bass and guitar lines are still ringing in my ears.

🎵 🎧 🎵

YG Marley - Praise Jah in the Moonlight

Twenty-two-year-old Joshua Omar aka YG Marley, a reggae singer from New Jersey, was until now known as the son of Lauryn Hill and grandson of Bob Marley. I came across him while I was doing some reading and what caught my attention was that his song 'Praise Jah in the Moonlight' had been topping the US, European and Australian charts for ten weeks and was breaking all records. Well, let's hear what this third generation of the dynasty sounds like, I said to myself. Anyway, the promotion started on TikTok about three months ago, but as a song for a biographical movie about Marley. And it became a global hit (maybe because of that), with over 40 million views on YT and over 200 million streams on streaming services. His mother helped him with the song, as anyone may remember from The Fugees and their cover of 'No Woman No Cry'.

🎵 🎧 🎵

Panda Beats - Getting Ready For The Club 💀

I saw a post on Twitter by @ravenmus1c, who works with the Panda Beats collective, about their new release Minimal Techno Odyssey, which is copyright-free, especially for those streaming via Twitch. Discreet minimal techno, suitable for me as a background for all kinds of tasks, of course also for fun, but above all for lovers of the style and also for those who don't like electronic production and are just getting introduced to these genres. Non-aggressive and calm, you can be 'high' or 'down' and it will always be cool.

🎵 🎧 🎵

Einstürzende Neubauten - Planet Umbra

Four years on, we have a new album from the German experimental band Einstürzende Neubauten. They emerged in the early eighties, shocked everyone and it was quite difficult for music critics to put them in a genre. Well, the easiest thing to say is that it's industrial and after thirteen albums it's still experimental industrial but evolved into almost perfect pop electronica. I met them through Blixa Bargeld, who has worked with Nick Cave for years in the Bad Seeds. The song Planet Umbra is from their latest album 'Rampen (apm: alien pop music)' which came out a week ago, it smells a bit of CAN and krautrock and is exactly that: pure alien pop (if anyone even knows what that is)... but it sounds good to me :)

🎵 🎧 🎵

Hannah Frances - Floodplain

Hannah Frances is an American musician, new to me, and, as she says, has always wanted to be involved in music. Since 2017, she has been mostly self-releasing, and her latest album 'Keeper of the Shepherd', her 11th, was first released by a small New York label, Ruination Record Co. A remarkable voice, at times reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, acoustic and electric guitars and a host of other instruments carry out her increasingly inner feelings of pain which are realized in a variety of musical ways, from classical to jazz.

🎵 🎧 🎵

Prognan - Samo Da Nam Rata Ne Bude

Prognan is a Croatian cinematic extreme metal band, actually a duo, who released their second album 'Sjene Nad Balkanom' (eng Shadows over Balkans) a month ago, also a concept album, the songs are in the extreme metal range, leaning on melodicism, thus approaching the Swedish school of metal of the 90's. Frontman Kob or Goran Dragaš, who makes his living composing music for Hollywood movie trailers, is a skilled arranger and composer whose passion for epic films, more modern Balkan history and extreme music is well realized. The song 'Samo Da Nam Rata Ne Bude' (eng. Just so there's no war), the trailer for this album, is a bit of a long story, but it's appropriately visualized. If one understands Serbian, Croatian, or Slovenian language, one can also understand the lyrics, which are set, because it's a concept album, in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between 1934 and 1941.

🎵 🎧 🎵

Whispering Sons - Walking, Flying

Whispering Sons is a Brussels-based five-piece band that has been on the scene for over ten years. They have released several EPs and three albums to date, most recently The Great Calm in February this year. They are mainly known in the Belgian media scene. The expressive baritone vocals of singer Fenna Kuppens stand out. Her calm singing and rocking instrumental backing, expressed in a simple yet raw way, is a harmonious backdrop without any major additions or details to blur the whole. The sounds of the instruments are arranged thoughtfully so that all the instruments come through.

🎵 🎧 🎵

Dis Fig & The Body - To Walk a Higher Path

Dis Fig, or Felicia Chen, is the first to sign an album called 'Orchards of a Futile Heaven'. She is a DJ, currently living and working in Berlin. She comes from a jazz background and has a focus on experimentation and improvisation. The duo Body, which performs everything life from sludge metal, electro dub, and narco-dancehall, to doom, supports her in this. The song 'To Walk a Higher Path' reminds me a bit of Chelsea Wolfe - Dusk but not too much, this one is more edgy.

🎶That's all for today, and enjoy your weekend and holidays with new songs!

🎵 🎧 🎵

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untilwelearn :

rafzat :

It’s extremely hot here too. I didn’t get to listen to all of the songs. I’d save them for tonight so I’d be listening while asleep

w74 :

Before Felicia Chen continues to chase me musically through the boxing ring and I lose track of what's up and what's down, a few quick comments on your new releases. Since the Kings of Leon album 'Because of the times' there's no question that every new release (which can sometimes take some time) should be scrutinised. The whole Marley-Clan could be in the studio recording Strangers in the Night — in the end, it's always Marley that comes out. What about the Einstürzende Neubauten? - And it has always been like that ... Either you worship them or you quickly turn off the radio. There's not much room in between. What I like best is that Blixa has now realised that he makes Alien Pop Music. The man has to know it because he doesn't live in this world all the time. How else can you explain his claim that his “Neubauten” are better known in the galaxies than the Beatles? Hannah Frances and Joni Mitchell? You can see it that way — but I wish Hannah could push the icon a bit further into the background. She has got something. You know that you haven't necessarily found the preacher of “extreme metal music” in me. But the theme that Progran are dealing with on this album doesn't allow for anything else. — Unless, of course, you grab an acoustic guitar and start wailing softly and insistently. As always - a very fine hand with the selection. 😎

ravenmus1c :

Thank you so much for mentioning our new music!! 💜 I hope it is of help for some people. !PIZZA

pizzabot :

$PIZZA slices delivered: @ravenmus1c(1/20) tipped @seckorama