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Date: 06/16/2024 - Upvotes : 138 - Words : 410

LMAC215: Steam Pressure

Hello everyone! 😎📷

Here's my entry to the Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 215 - 32 HIVE in the Prize Pool!

With this collage, I wanted a steampunk vibe. I obviously missed it. I see one beautiful landscape view in this picture, but I turned it into a steampunk-style arrival of strangers. It's unclear yet whether they are hostile. We will leave the answer to that question to the viewers.

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

Sources for the collage

  • base image by @shaka


LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @quantumg.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @edgarafernandezp.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @redheadpei.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @seckorama.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @seckorama.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @seckorama.

📷 😎 📷

The creation process

I created the collage using Photoshop. I prepared all elements and objects and then added all of them to the base image in layers.

Hope you have fun!

LIL Beneficiaries:

  • 20% goes to @lmac
  • 2% goes to @quantumg
  • 2% goes to @edgarafernandezp
  • 2% goes to @redheadpei

Thank you for your attention!

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If you are interested in my previous work, here are the videos with sound for each year in the LMAC community:

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My contribution to LIL - LMAC Image Library - 880 images up to date.

And here's something else:
I post everything in the @ecency front-end. So, I invite you to support Ecency Development And Maintenance #4 Proposal because I (and many others, too) would like to keep using it.

Support and vote for those exceptional witnesses: @good-karma, @liotes, @fbslo and detlev.witness.

📷 😎 📷
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redheadpei :

Interesting fun collage. It looks like you threw everything in it but the kitchen sink. Lol. I hope the folks going to the circus tent make it there safely. Thanks for including my lil image of the Buddhist monks. Maybe they will pray for peace and not get attacked by the steampunk elements. 😊