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Date: 05/26/2024 - Upvotes : 136 - Words : 439

LMAC213: Freshness

Hello, everyone! πŸ˜ŽπŸ“·

Here's my entry to the Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 213 - 44 HIVE in the Prize Pool!

When I saw the primary image for the collage that @shaka prepared for us, my first association was with the cover of the 1970 album Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd. As I read it, the cow was called Lulubelle III. Probably no longer among the living :) But they have nothing in common. So, I decided to link the collage to milk. Did you know that they give more milk if cows listen to music? But not any music. It's just classical and soothing. Some fast rock might upset them. Source But more research will be needed, scientists say...

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Sources for the collage

  • base image by @shaka

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @quantumg.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @quantumg.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @alex2alex.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @seckorama.

LIL Preview image
Contributed to the #LIL by @seckorama.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

The creation process

I created the collage using Photoshop. First, I removed everything from the base image except the cow. Then, I multiplied it and added the milk bottles for the background. After that, I color-processed all the other elements and added them layer by layer to the collage.

Hope you have fun!

LIL Beneficiaries:

  • 20% goes to @lmac
  • 2% goes to @quantumg
  • 2% goes to @alex2alex

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If you are interested in my previous work, here are the videos with sound for each year in the LMAC community:

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My contribution to LIL - LMAC Image Library - 842 images up to date.

And here's something else:
I post everything in the @ecency front-end. So, I invite you to support Ecency Development And Maintenance #4 Proposal because I (and many others, too) would like to keep using it.

Support and vote for those exeptional witnesses: @good-karma, @liotes, @fbslo and detlev.witness.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·
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Comments :

agmoore :

A happy cow is a milking cow :))

hivebuzz :

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sahi1 :

w74 :

Up until now, I had actually assumed that cows drink water and produce milk for their calves. The logical consequence of this is that since I'm not a calf, I don't drink milk either. Now I have to do a complete rethink of my behaviour 😊πŸ₯³πŸ€ .

rafzat :

I really love the way you could merge those images You did amazingly well with it

adncabrera :

Me encanta tu collage, @seckorama. Hay flores, mariposas y color, pero la cobra estΓ‘ por ahΓ­.