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Date: 02/07/2024 - Upvotes : 131 - Words : 616

LIL: Entry To The LMAC Image Library #45

Hello everyone! 📷 😎

My 45th post for the LMAC Image Library, second this year. The latest was a twenty days ago ago.

I've prepared some objects from my latest photos, I hope they are interesting enough for someone to use them. To make them easier and faster to use in collages I made them transparent, i.e. removed the background. For the first time I saved them in WebP graphic format, because, apart from being a much smaller file than a 24-bit PNG, it has other good features. If you are interested in learning more, read more here. I'll be glad if anyone finds them useful, I have the original photos archived somewhere anyway.

But before I continue, maybe I should answer what exactly LMAC Image Library or LIL is?
It's the largest Hive's public domain image index with more than 13.450 photos and graphics right now. A project is initiated by the Let's Make A Collage community (kudos to @shaka and @quantumg). Hive users can post there their images and share them.

Anyone on Hive can contribute to the library and everyone can use the images from the library. You can carefully read the "How To" instructions and detailed usage rules here.

Maybe it's time to post some photos and get a reward? It's up to you :)

The main purpose is to use them in collages for Lets Make A Collage community contests, but you can also use them in other Hive posts and projects.

These images are under a Public Domain license, as required in LIL.
You can use them anywhere for anything, but most of all, in your collage creations and Hive posts.

📷 😎 📷
Chimney architecture, buildings, stack, chimney, transparent
Mary and child badge, gadget, statue, figurine, figure, transparent
Wine barrel wine, barrel, cask, transparent
Three wine barrels wine, barrel, cask, transparent
Small UV Scanner device UV, scanner, device, gadget, health, transparent
Head UV Scanner device head, UV, scanner, device, gadget, health
Rabbit statue rabbit, statue, hare, animal, transparent
Art installation, Rijeka, EU City of Culture 2020 art, statue, installation, transparent
Clay amphora ancient, clay, amphora, jug, transparent
Hard-boiled chicken eggs chicken, egg, eggs, food, transparent
Snack, olive canape food, snack, olive, canape, dish, transparent
Chicken sandwich food, meat, chicken, sandwich, bread, transparent
Statue of a woman, Ljubljana City Square statue, monument, woman, art, transparent
Statue of a man, Ljubljana City Square statue, monument, man, art, transparent
A tiny electric car, Ljubljana transportation, vehicle, electric, car, transparent
Rooster, graffiti, Ljubljana rooster, streetart, graffiti, transparent
📷 😎 📷
*btw: Table is properly scripted, tested with [LIL checker](*
20% of the earnings go to the community (@lmac).
All my images in the **[LMAC.Gallery](** ... will be more ... asap ... 😁

Take a look at my previous LMAC collages - divided by years - Slideshow animations with AI sounds :) 🎵

LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022 | LMAC2023

Thank you for your attention!

And here's something else: There has been a lot of development in Hive core but documentation is outdated and updates are needed. So I invite you to support and vote for Hive devportal updates proposal by @good-karma.
Thank you in advance.

📷 😎 📷
**Stay Healthy!** ![logosecko.gif](

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Comments :

zekepickleman :

Hey cool so you prep your shots and offer them for public use on Hive? Like stock footage or our own shutterstock? I have it right or is the coffee just not sunk in yet?

Either way, some neat subjects there and I especially like the wine casks and statues.

biyimi :

You did this shot. It really looks so awesome 😎 must have invested a lot of time in this

rafzat :

The images are really beautiful They look nice

aloysiusmbaba :

The LIL is a beautiful initiative, kudos to the hivers who produced the brilliant idea. The collages you've shared are all good. I wish you goodluck in the contest. Have a nice day.

poshthreads :

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( seckorama ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

precab :

Photography must definitely be your hobby right. These are amazing shots