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Date: 06/13/2024 - Upvotes : 182 - Words : 1107

LIL: Entry To The LMAC Image Library #52

Hello everyone! πŸ“· 😎

My 52nd post for the LMAC Image Library. The latest was ten days ago.

I have prepared some of my latest images for the gallery; I hope they are interesting enough for someone to use them. I have archived the original photos somewhere, anyway.

Before I continue, I may answer the following question:
What exactly is LMAC Image Library or LIL?
It's the largest Hive's public domain image index, with more than 13.800 photos and graphics. A project is initiated by the Let's Make A Collage community (kudos to @shaka and @quantumg).

Hive users can post and share their images there.
Anyone on Hive can contribute to the library, and everyone can use the images from the library. You can read the "How To" instructions and detailed usage rules here.

To make them more accessible and faster to use in collages, I made them transparent, i.e., removed the background and saved them in WebP format for further editing. Besides being a much smaller file than a 24-bit PNG or JPEG, it has other good features. To learn more, read here Are You Using WebP?

I hope they'll be helpful to somebody.

Idea or opportunity: Maybe it's time to post some photos and get a reward. It's up to you :)

These images are under a Public Domain license, as required in LIL.
The items can be used anywhere for any purpose, but their primary use is creating collages for LMAC contests or other Hive posts and projects.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·
Bottle and skull sticker bottle, skull, headache, sticker, label, transparent
Headache, graffiti Headache, graffiti, man, woman, people, transparent
Atos waiting animal, dog, atos, waiting, begging, transparent
Cheers, sticker cheers, woman, sticker, label, glass, bones, transparent
Handshake, black and white, graffiti handshake, hand, hands, black-and-white, greyscale, transparent
Handshake colored handshake, color, hand, hands, transparent
Rat graffiti animal, rat, knife, graffiti, blood, transparent
Demon sticker demon, sticker, horns, transparent
Creature graffiti creature, monk, hermit, heretic, transparent
Hands tied graffiti hands, tied, graffiti, transparent
Cat animal, cat, transparent
Blossom blossom, flower, transparent
Butterfly brooch animal, insect, butterfly, brooch, pink, transparent
Butterfly brooch animal, insect, butterfly, brooch, blue, transparent
LED light bulb led, bulb, light, electricity, transparent
Palm worm graffiti palm, worm, graffiti, painting, transparent
New motorbike transportation, motorbike, transparent
πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·
*btw: Table is properly scripted, tested with [LIL checker](*
20% of the earnings of this post go to the community (@lmac).
All my images in the **[LMAC.Gallery](** - 863 images up to date. ... will be more ... asap ... 😁

Take a look at my previous LMAC collages - divided by years - Slideshow animations with AI sounds :) 🎡

LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022 | LMAC2023

Thank you for your attention!

And here's something else: I post everything in the @ecency front-end.
So I invite you to support Ecency Development And Maintenance #4 Proposal because I would like to keep using it.

Support and vote for those exceptional witnesses: @good-karma, @liotes, @fbslo and @detlev.witness.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·
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Comments :

rafzat :

If we can’t contribute to the library, we can always use the pictures in our posts Right?

quantumg :

Great photos and cutouts. Very usable and unique. I love this dog (impossible to resist)! :-) Thanks for sharing.