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Date: 06/04/2024 - Upvotes : 112 - Words : 557

Gora Gorja - Stran Od Sonca

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Gora Gorja is a Slovenian group from Goriška Brda. They have been ploughing through their heavy doom-noise-stoner instrumental music since 2016. They have released three albums so far, the last one called Monokrom in January this year. You can download it here.

Gora Gorja means Mountain of Pain in English, and the song Stran Od Sonca means Away from the sun.

They enjoy colored fog, so don't be alarmed if you find yourself in a different place than you expected when looking at this. You haven't gone far yet; you won't get lost; the stoner guitars are still guiding you.

The recording is part of a performance at MKNŽ, an underground rock club, Slovenia, 1.5.2024.


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Comments :

theringmaster :

The way they waited to start is really really cool 😂😂😂 the cymbal is really loud.... These people are no doubt professionals.. and wow did you say since 2016.. that's years of experience... I'm loving the beat they're making... Damn I feel like adding this to some kinda of GTA radio when I'm playing games😍😍😍😍

aloysiusmbaba :

Th Gora Gorja are actually good at what they do, the instrumentals are lovely ones. The accompanying images are also good. Altogether it was a pleasurable listening experience and thanks for sharing. I wish them more success on their musical career. Have a great day.

w74 :

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