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Date: 03/27/2024 - Upvotes : 146 - Words : 726

Hunting Reflections #160

Hello everyone! 😎

It's 160th Reflection Hunting contest in a row. The second regular weekly contest in the Shadow Hunters community where you can win nice rewards with a little effort.

You can find reflections in various materials like glass, water and mirrors, and if you have a cell phone (you probably have one!), you can capture them in pictures. Just keep looking around you, and you'll find it. This isn't a highly technical photography contest where judges look at all aspects of the photo like color, framing, lighting, contrast, etc. Focus on the details of the reflection. You'll have fun.

If you follow the contest rules, our community will reward every entry with at least a tip or even a reward. And the best part? It costs you absolutely nothing.

If you don't know: the Shadow Hunters community paid out $8801 in rewards last year! $3954 author rewards and $4845 curator rewards! Source.

Here are some examples of my recent reflections, I collected quite a few this week, and I hope you like them.

Sunset Sunset as a reflection in a car mirror. My son and I were in the field and when it started to get dark, we finished and headed home. And when I saw the sunset in the car mirror immediately took a photo of it. I also took a photo of an ordinary sunset, but as a reflection it gives the whole photo more dynamics.

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

Reflection in a tap But this reflection is extreme. So, to continue with the previous story, my son and I picked dandelions in the field to make dinner and they needed to be cleaned and washed. And this is the reflection on the water tap when I started cleaning the dandelions. It's still a bit unusual to me, but it works very well as a reflection :)

📷 😎 📷

Car reflection Reflection of a car in the door of a restaurant. In the first photo even double, the reflection of the car in the glass on the restaurant door and the reflection of the trees on the front bonnet of the car, (on the right side of the picture).

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

Reflection in car window I was looking at a parked pick-up, wondering if it was the same year as mine, and noticed the reflection of the trees on the window glass.

📷 😎 📷

Reflections on the doors Finally, some reflections of the outside environment on the glass of the various doors I've been opening over the last week :)

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

📷 😎 📷

That's all for today, I hope you got a glimpse of the reflections, I won't say they are the best because I don't consider myself a real photographer, and thank you for your attention.

📷 😎 📷

50% of the earnings of this post will go to the beneficiaries of the community (@hive-179017).

I would also like, to thank @olgavita, for hosting the Reflection Hunters contest, @melinda010100 as the main admin of the Shadow Hunters community, @annephilbrick for all background work, and all other sponsors that allowed this contest to go ahead.

You can read more about the prizes and conditions of participation in this contest here. You can also enter Shadow Hunters (SMaSH - Show Me a Shadow) Round 314 contest which is already running.

Good to know:
All comments here and on all Shadow Hunters community posts get staked ARCHON tokens!

**I wish you successful Reflection Hunting!**

If you are interested in more contests that are currently running, I suggest you check out the latest ArchonTribe News or take a look to the Ecency Discord Channel - Contests-Awarding-Points.

And here's something else: There has been a lot of development in Hive core but documentation is outdated and updates are needed. So I invite you to support and vote for Hive devportal updates proposal by @good-karma.

Support and vote for those exceptional witnesses: @good-karma, @liotes, @fbslo and @detlev.witness.

🎵 🎧 🎤
**Stay Healthy!** ![logosecko.gif](

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Comments :

jlufer :

Good morning dear friend @seckorama how are you? What a beautiful collection of images of reflections you show us on this occasion, the one with the sunsets are really beautiful, Thank you very much dear friend for sharing these beautiful shots. have a great day

niznov :

beautiful photo!

pinkchic :

Wow! These are beautiful reflection photos dear friend. I love the creativity. Best regards and have a nice day!

tierra-errante :

Saludos, tienes buenas tomas ahí, en mi caso este concurso es una aaaña todo en mi ciudad es puro concreto y madera 😆😅 ✌️💯

rafzat :

I feel shadow hunters should be one of the highest paying communities Kudos to the community and I hope it continues to grow

precab :

I so much love the beautiful pictures of this

graat :

These are very creative pictures, would certainly be fun to join in.

blessworld :

I love this pictures. God's job and thanks for sharing