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Date: 12/27/2023 - Upvotes : 74 - Words : 403

Tachyon live

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Behind the name Tachyon is Jernej Grmek, a hypothetical electronics engineer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I don't know much about him, except what has been written about him:

Tachyon, like an elusive particle, slowly emerges from the outlined floor plans and knits electrical landscapes simply, but at the same time sincerely and uncompromisingly. He weaves dancing sounds into a seductively soft chimerical world, which plunges into undiscovered corners and crosses the boundaries of the fairytale.

The performance was part of the Radio Student Club Marathon project, which presents new selected bands in clubs across Slovenia. Maraton 2023 Compilation (Free) by ZARŠ Records.

This is the part of performance in MKNŽ, underground rock club, Slovenija, 22.9.2023.


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Comments :

rafzat :

This guy is so good I actually enjoyed the way he was shaking his head, lol

biyimi :

I also didn't know about him not until today but quite interesting to learn about him

precab :

The guy is absolutely good Knowing him for the first time though