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Date: 05/02/2024 - Upvotes : 263 - Words : 559


Last weekend, the weather was sunny, so my wife and I decided to go to the island of Pag for a couple of days. I wasn't too keen on the idea, but okay, we're going. My sons had their plans, and we left Atos (our dog) for them to care for a couple of days.

The road to the island and the ferry were almost empty.

We arrived at our caravan after just three hours. The weather was hot, around 28-29 degrees Celsius, almost like the beginning of summer.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Although the sea temperature was 17 degrees, I still got my feet wet. We walked along the shore, and there were hardly any crowds, just a few people here and there.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

I feel like nothing has changed. Everything is the same as it was last year and all the years before that. But I like it that way. There's a saying that goes, 'If something works, don't change it,' and I agree.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

I feel very comfortable here, so I've been here regularly for over thirty years.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

There's a sense of minimalism here with no trees, only reeds, rocks, and the sea.

I have been here many times at this time, but this is the first time I have seen grass in bloom.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Later, someone told me that the grass usually blooms like this towards the end of May, not at the end of April. Nature had made a statement one month earlier. Whether good or bad, it may result from increasing average temperatures and global warming. I also took pictures of other plants but don't know their names.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

In short, nature was as beautiful as ever.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

It was even better that no internet connection was available at the campsite. As it was not peak season, the Wi-Fi was switched off, and there were issues with the mobile network. I tried to create a hotspot on my phone for my laptop, but the connection was very slow, and I could barely access any data. Initially, I felt frustrated, but I soon disconnected from everything for a couple of days. There was no need to panic. Maybe I should make a habit of disconnecting from technology occasionally.

πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Well, we're back now. I didn't wholly recharge my batteries, haha, but a couple of days off is good work.

Thank you for your attention.

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Comments :

godfish :

With 17 Β°C, you could have taken a dip ;)

mypathtofire :

It looks a lovely place to visit. I have been to Istria many times during May in the past and the weather has been perfect. Disconnecting from the internet and everything now and then does us good.

dimascastillo90 :

It's a beautiful place to visit with the family. You are very right in the minimalist sense with the landscape without trees, I like it that way in fact. You know that I have also thought about having the habit of disconnecting from the internet for a few hours every few days, it's healthy.

You got some great shots here @seckorama friend! Have a great day.

!discovery shots !ALIVE

discovery-it :

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beeber :

I wonder how it is there in winter. Probably very rough and cold winds πŸ€” anyway every post I see from there makes me dream of living at the seaside

ablaze :

Nice one man, we must all remind ourselves to disconnect more often. It's easier said than done of course but necessary.

The islands of Ireland seem similar to Pag. It's like stepping back in time a few generations to simpler, easier, more relaxing, more connected (with people) times.

I go to the Aran islands in Galway every year and always love it. Simplicity at it's best.

waliphoto :

The photos of your sightseeing are really very good and look cool

rafzat :

I’m glad you enjoyed these beautiful views with your wife. What’s your favorite weather? Spring?

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melinda010100 :

I didn't realize you had been vacationing there for so long! It is a beautiful place.

annepink :

@tipu curate

w74 :

Better to take the opportunity now than in a month or two when the tourists are stepping on their own toes. 😰 Have you at least stocked up on oil and olives? How much does a litre cost this year anyway?

pocketrocket :

Great photos, lovely place and no crowd! Just a cool beer or icecream and that's it. Enjoy