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Date: 02/12/2024 - Upvotes : 100 - Words : 424

Bryan Bielanski - Do You Want To Go Out With Me

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Bryan Bielanski is an American singer-songwriter from Charlotte. Earlier this year, he put a guitar on his shoulder and has been travelling around Europe, spreading his happy songs to the people. Like a troubadour.

And what he says about his music: "Imagine if Nirvana and The Beatles had a child together who became a songwriter and an acoustic rock singer."

This song is from the EP Free Bird from September 2023.

The recording is part of a performance at MKNŽ, an underground rock club, Slovenia, 2.2.2024.


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Comments :

seckorama :

Ugh, don't know why the video is too red. 🤔 But the audio is good. 😎

biyimi :

A cool music that resonate with the soul

rafzat :

I love his voice and he plays the guitar very well but I wonder why the video is very red

josewilchez :

Hola amigo, excelente ejecución en la guitarra y en la harmónica. Eres un gran músico. Y buena voz tienes al cantar. También el escenario es genial, además del buen sonido que tienen. Un saludo y abrazo a la distancia, gracias por compartir con música con nosotros.

Hola amigo, excellent playing on guitar and harmonica. You are a great musician. And good singing voice you have. Also the stage is great, besides the good sound you have. A greeting and hug in the distance, thanks for sharing music with us.

w74 :

They are still here - the signs and miracles! 😉 It was a stage performance at MKNŽ and I understood the lyrics from the first line to the last line. 😮 And it gets even better than that: Bryan Bielanski has a great sense of humour and it's worth listening to! 😎 Some of the hardcore headbangers in the club must have felt like they were in the wrong film? 🙄

precab :

The audio quality of the song is really top notch