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Date: 01/13/2024 - Upvotes : 237 - Words : 1129

Beer Tasting: General Maister IPA and Steamworks IPL

Hello, beer lovers! šŸ»

Finally, beer! After a two-week dry spell (read illness), I feel well enough to have a beer. Just in time to look at the cryptographic charts and wonder why our Hive is going down instead of up.

I'm not going to think too much about what exactly is going on, you know that's not healthy for the nerves, haha, and I haven't set myself any particular goals, I'm just going to go with the flow and see where I'm at and what I should do about the current situation. I'll temper it all with beer. I don't want to say that beer is liberating, but neither are milk, tea, coffee, or water.

First #beersaturday for me this year and 341 in a row! What's next this year? We'll see. Mostly, every moment is to be lived, because time flows by itself and asks no questions. At the moment I have two beers in front of me, one Slovenian and one Canadian, roughly similar and I'm looking forward to it.

First, the one with less alcohol.

šŸ» šŸ˜Ž šŸ»

Steamworks India Pale Lager

Brewed by Steamworks Brewing Co, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 5.8% ABV, IBU 35. It's India Pale Lager (IPL) or Hoppy Pale Lager style beer, decidedly hoppy, with showcasing modern American or New World hop varieties. It's fermented with lager rather than ale yeast like in the classic India Pale Ale.

What do the Master Brewers say?

This beer is an international contribution in the style of an India Pale Lager. It's a classic, tangy lager, refined like an IPA with extra aroma hops that make it more bitter, but also more aromatically playful. Powered by a hefty dose of classic ā€˜Cā€™ hops, the grapefruit citrus, floral lemon, and bright pine are backed up by just enough malt to keep it drinkable and balanced. This gives it a good shot of grassiness and a depth of flavor that you won't find so quickly.

I have no experience with this brewery yet, we'll see what happens.

The beer is a cloudy yellow colour, there is little head but it is persistent. It has no particular smell (or do I smell nothing because I had a cold?). It goes down the throat smoothly and what I first taste in my mouth is a distinct bitterness, which doesn't last long, and aromas of citrus, mostly lemon and grapefruit, and some herbs come up. Sage perhaps? In the aftertaste, everything disappears except the intense bitterness, which lasts for a while. I have to eat a piece of bread for it to disappear.

It is fresh and drinkable. I also like the steampunk design of the bottle. What bothers me about this beer, however, is the invasive bitterness that overpowers all the other flavors and aromas. I could compare it to a wild IPA, which is what happens when brewers brew for the first time and have no experience. But it's not so terrible that I couldn't drink a couple of bottles. I won't because it's not available here, I got it as a gift.

šŸ» šŸ˜Ž šŸ»

No meme today, just some pictures from my field. A week ago it rained, and we were expecting snow which didn't come, but anyway, my wife and I went to the field to pick some radicchio for lunch. And everything was flooded.

šŸ“· šŸ˜Ž šŸ“·

šŸ“· šŸ˜Ž šŸ“·

The water has receded now, but the temperature has been below zero for two days, I think everything is frozen and there won't be any more fresh vegetables until spring. I hope it will come soon.

Let's keep going!

šŸ» šŸ˜Ž šŸ»

General Maister IPA

Brewed by Maister Brewery, Kamnik, Slovenia. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 6.0% ABV, IBU 50. It's an India Pale Ale style beer, bitter and hop-forward, brewed mostly by American hops and stronger in alcohol than lagers or ales.

What do the Master Brewers say?

The beer, with the name of General Maister, convinces a fresh, stronger hop character. Indulge in the bitterness in the foreground and the sweet aromas with hints of citrus in the background. Three armored divisions of cascade hops and the Citra Special Unit under the command of General Maister. The smell of conifers on a foggy morning. Amber hues crowned by the sparkling head of wild mountain pools. Flavors of pine, early blueberries, and licorice with a slight hint of citrus continue into a pleasant, lingering bitterness that rounds off the whole experience. Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Columbus, Simcoe

Maister Brewery is one of the first and largest craft breweries in Slovenia and their beers are available in all stores. The beers are named after famous Slovenians from the past. The design, however, is not something special.

The beer is a cloudy light brown color, the head is average. It smells of hops. The first sip goes down the throat smoothly, the bitterness of the hops dominates the palate, then aromas of lemon and other tropical fruits emerge, with a mild bread flavor and malty sweetness in the background. In the aftertaste, everything disappears except the bitterness, which lingers for a while.

The beer is tasty and drinkable. It's bitter as befits an IPA, but the bitterness doesn't overpower the other flavors. More balanced than the previous one, I think. It's available in all local shops so there will be a bottle in my fridge.

šŸ» šŸ˜Ž šŸ»

And what am I listening to as I write this and taste beers? Something from my #newtunes post yesterday. A band I didn't know, but is made up of ex-members of the cult band The Fall.

HOUSE Of ALL - Aynebite

Thank you for your attention.

More stories about beers? You can go back a little further in history! šŸ˜

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Comments :

pazartesi :

A good beer will always taste good but the best tasting beer will always stand out. Thanks for sharing


biyimi :

I am so sure this beer will certainly taste so nice

rafzat :

The price of Hive is making me feel somehow, lol I wish it could just continue to go up Anyway, a good beer with a good taste usually helps you to forget your sorrows I like that!

beeber :

341 Beer Posts?! Wow. Respect.

mypathtofire :

341 is a lot of beer tasting! šŸ˜… Those beers dont sound so great from your review, they are abit on the strong side for my liking too! I cant believe your ground is flooded. But I guess that can be good to irrigate it for when you start planting. Has your shed been affected?

archonapp :

I haven't tried any of these but they look good. !DHEDGE

dhedge :

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zekepickleman :

2 dry weeks is only half the dry month @ablaze is in the middle of but sickness is no fun. Welcome back to the realm of the beer swillers!

I have had that Steamworks beer before and remember liking it. Haven't seen it in a while here so I will have to keep an eye out for it as I love my hops.

Cheers old friend!

aloysiusmbaba :

I usually keep away from alcoholic drinks but I think nothing like a nice cold glass of any drink to cool of with.