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Date: 02/10/2024 - Upvotes : 88 - Words : 881

Beer Tasting: Freistädter Black Bock and Gabriau du Poitou Blonde Forte

Hello, beer lovers! 🍻

What's up? Everyone here has been preparing intensively for the Carnival parties starting today, but it's been raining like crazy for two days and the forecast for tomorrow is unchanged. All the family members wanted to go to the parties but nothing came of it because everything was cancelled. And I'm looking around me at the very bad mood of my dear ones. I cannot help them. I am devoting myself today to a completely different subject :)

Of course, today is #beersaturday, and I have one Austrian and one French bottle waiting for me in the fridge which I'll be happy to empty. After all, it's been seven days since the last #beertasting. 😜

First the one with less alcohol.

🍻 😎 🍻

Freistädter Black Bock

Brewed by Braucommune Freistadt, Freistadt, 4240, Austria. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 7.1% ABV, IBU 30. Bock or Dunkler Bock style beer is a dark, strong, and malty German lager, usually with coffee, and chocolate aromas.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Dark chestnut brown, creamy foam. A cocktail of cocoa, coffee, and malt aromas on the nose. Full-bodied on the palate, strong structure, good resonance, warming. Finishes with fine dark chocolate and delicate Mühlviertel hop notes. Contains barley malt.

This is my first encounter with this brewery. The beer is from my last Kalea Beer Box.

Dark brown, the foam is thick and creamy. Slight coffee odour. The sip goes smoothly down the throat, the palate has a considerable malty sweetness and a slight hint of coffee and bitter cocoa. In the aftertaste, the sweetness disappears and the bitterness takes over. Cocoa or hops? I don't know, I can't tell, but the bitterness stays and lasts for quite a while.

It's OK. Drinkable and refreshing, the sweetness of the malt intertwines with the bitterness of the coffee and cocoa. Just the right balance to avoid becoming distracting. And the bitterness at the end reminds us that this is beer and not some chocolate drink. Not available in our local shops.

🍻 😎 🍻

The weekend started really miserably, it's been raining since yesterday afternoon, and I didn't go anywhere, so there will be just a meme today.


🍻 😎 🍻

Gabriau du Poitou Blonde Forte

Brewed by Brasserie du Marais Poitevin, Coulon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, for E.Leclerc Hypermarkets. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 8.5% ABV, IBU N/A. It's a Pale Lager style beer, known also as European Strong lager, sometimes hoppy, sometimes malty, but always strong in alcohol.

What do the Master Brewers say?

A beautifully presented bottle spilling full juice, with fresh, floral flavours, you will be delighted!

They are more modest in their description, probably because they are brewed to order for a chain of shops. I bought it in an E.Leclerc hypermarket in Ljubljana.

The beer is golden in color, the head is very big, distinct, and still quite persistent. It has no particular smell. The first sip goes down the throat smoothly, and in the mouth, I feel a shy hop bitterness and strong floral aromas. Slightly spicy, probably due to the high alcohol content. A subtle hop bitterness lingers in the aftertaste and I also taste the malty sweetness and the biting presence of the alcohol for a while.

The beer is very drinkable, and the strong floral aromas somehow remind me of the spring that will come soon, but there is no covering the high alcohol content, which is strong throughout and you can feel it immediately. One is enough, more is pure overkill unless that's your intention :)

🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this and taste the beers? Something from yesterday's #newtunes post. A band that just released a new album and I'd love to see and hear live again.

Nemeček - Prokletije II

Thank you for your attention.

🍻 😎 🍻

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godfish :

Beer actually has quite a lot of vitamines, but not a wide range of them :) Just the B-complex (or Beer Complex). Those are some values for an average Czech lager, the Dietary Reference Intakes per 1 litre:

Vitamin B1: 3% Vitamin B2: 20% Vitamin B3: 45% Vitamin B6: 31% Folate (Vitamin B9): 52%

precab :

This beer will definitely taste so great I strongly believe that

rafzat :

The Beer looks like one that will have a fantastic taste I love that!

archonapp :

I should taste some beers, too! !DHEDGE

dhedge :

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pazartesi :

Two days rain, accompanied with a bottle of beer is an indoor thing for me.

biyimi :

I am so sure this beers will definitely taste so great