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Date: 12/09/2023 - Upvotes : 179 - Words : 836

Beer Tasting: Crafty Pale Ale and Schneider Festweisse

Hello, beer lovers! 🍻

Happy December is here! The music is everywhere, the squares and streets are already decorated and the stalls are selling mulled wine. Well, I'll have a beer instead. After all, today is the 336th #beersaturday.

Two beers have been chilling in the fridge all day. One German wheat and one Irish ale. Nice.

First, the one with less alcohol.

🍻 😎 🍻

The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Pale Ale

Brewed by Rye River Brewing Company, Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. Bottle, 0.5 l, alcohol 4.5% ABV, IBU 38. It's a Pale Ale style beer, hoppy and fruity but with less bitterness and less alcohol than classic IPAs.

What do the Master Brewers say?

This amber-colored ale is dry-hopped with Madarina Bavaria and Simcoe, giving it a big aroma of candied lemon, pine, and mandarin. The bitterness is balanced using light carbonation and sweet hops, an ale that deserves to be savored.

I read that this Crafty series is brewed for the Lidl chain and yes, I bought it in local Lidl.

The beer is golden in color, the head is average and quickly disappears. Discreet aroma of fresh hops. A sip goes down the throat smoothly, I taste the bitterness of the hops and immediately fruity citrus notes, especially grapefruit and lemon, all slightly watery. A light bitterness lingers in the aftertaste for quite some time.

The beer is very fresh and drinkable, perhaps due to the lower alcohol level. The bitterness of the hops is most noticeable in the aftertaste but it's not too pronounced and lasts longer than I expected. So yes, I agree with some of the opinions that it's quite drinkable. And the price is still pretty good, there was a discount in Lidl, €1.73. It's still available and there will probably be another bottle in my fridge.

🍻 😎 🍻

Meme? Of course, I found something interesting today for all fans of the topic :)


Cheers! 🍺

🍻 😎 🍻

Schneider Weisse 04 - Festweisse

Brewed by Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn, Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany. Bottle, 0.5 l, alcohol 6.2%, IBU 28 It's a Wheat Ale or Hopfenweise style, a more hoppy wheat beer but still with grainy wheat flavors.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Ideal for celebrations, "Meine Festweisse" - the lucid golden wheat beer, renewed from the traditional Oktoberfest beer recipe. Its fresh citrusy note is derived from precious Cascade hop and the fruity Schneider yeast - a real treat, unrivaled in freshness and drinkability. A great companion for Mediterranean and light dishes, and - of course - festive gatherings.

Hmm, I imagine that, as a Bavarian beer, it goes better with roast pork leg and sauerkraut than with Mediterranean food...

The beer is cloudy light brown, the head is solid and creamy. Malty smell. A sip goes down the throat smoothly, on the palate I first taste sweetness, a pronounced taste of cloves, bananas, and some hop bitterness in the background. There is a kind of bitterness in the aftertaste, but everything else quickly disappears.

A drinkable beer with distinct flavors, you can't even taste the alcohol, too much banana and clove for me, I guess that suits some people, especially now in the pre-Christmas period (it has very good reviews) but not me. Cloves are put in mulled wine here, but for me, there should not be too many because then the taste overpowers everything and it bothers me. It's not a bad beer, far from it, but it's not to my taste. It's not available here (I got it from a friend) so I'll probably forget it quickly.

🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this and taste beers? Something from my #newtunes post yesterday, one jazzy, for me looks like a Bond movie-style piece.

Butcher Brown - Espionage featuring Charlie Hunter

Thank you for your attention.

More stories about beers? You can go back a little further in history! 😁

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I never knew beer has a bitter taste until I zip a bottle one day😄 at first I felt so disappointed because the odour I perceived from the bottle was a sweet smell but afterwards.. it's a good experience. I hope you enjoyed your beer.

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rafzat :

The Beers look good Do you also feel bloated when you drink too much beer?

godfish :

The 6.2% of alcohol in a wheat beer is quite a lot. I thought I'd already tried all of the Schneider Weisse brews but I was apparently wrong :)) Gotta try this one out!

marajah :

So banana and cloves can be use in making beer? That's good and I will love to have a taste of it.