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Date: 11/20/2023 - Upvotes : 551 - Words : 619

Back In The Field, Something New

Hello to all of you who follow my work in the field, and of course all Hiveans, too!

My last post about field activities in HiveGarden Community was about a month ago, Autumn Field Update.

Since then I almost had a flood, which I escaped by a hair's breadth, but now it's been sunny and windy for a few days, and all the mud that's left is slowly drying.

We have some winter vegetables left, such as several types of chicory, winter lettuce, cauliflower, turnips, and beetroot. Everything else has already been harvested.




As the temperature is slowly dropping and the mornings will soon be below zero, my wife came up with the idea that we should somehow protect our vegetables, at least with a veil, so that everything doesn't freeze. We've been cultivating this field for five years, but we've never done it before, so I didn't really feel like it. But if you can have fresh vegetables in winter for a small effort, why not?

Saturday was the day to do it. It was sunny, a bit windy, but still muddy. I bought some plastic sticks at the farm shop, which bend and stick into the soil. They only had four. But I would have bought some more.


Then I dug a channel about 10 centimeters deep on two sides.



While I was digging the canal, my wife replanted some more lettuce and chicory plants. If I had more sticks for a longer greenhouse it wouldn't have been necessary.

And now everything is ready for the veil.


The veil was 2.20 meters wide and 10 meters long.



On the left side, I put it in the ground and when the ground freezes it will stay fixed, on the other side the veil is just pinned so that it will be easier to pull off when we take the vegetables out.

Altogether it cost me €23. (4 x €5 rods + €3 veil). If it can withstand some storms and at least a medium wind it will be fine.

Now that everything was going well, a new idea came up, again, not my idea :) We should at least protect the beetroot because it is sensitive to frost. Turnips not so much. It grows where we have cut down the potatoes. I'll have to go back to the farm shop...

Or do we put one slightly bigger greenhouse across a quarter of the field for next season?

That's enough for today. If at least a few survive the winter we will talk about it, but not before :)

Thanks for your attention.


That's my tenth post this year about how I got into gardening, and my fourth in the HiveGarden community. For those of you who are more interested in my farming and gardening, here are links to my previous posts where I explain how it all started.

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And here's something else: I post everything in the @ecency front-end. So I invite you to support Ecency Development And Maintenance #4 Proposal because I would like to keep using it. Thank you in advance.

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mnurhiver :

good land for farming.

iskawrites :

Yeah, I love the idea of the veil and it looks beautiful too. You and your wife did an amazing job in the farm πŸ‘

rafzat :

I think you have a good idea of farming You and your wife know it well It is really cool and it is quite spacious

maytom :

You have quite a large area of ​​land and I like the vegetables you plant @seckorama