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Date: 12/14/2023 - Upvotes : 74 - Words : 464

Repetitor - Džungla

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Repetitor is a garage/post-punk rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Without a doubt, they have been one of the most important bands in the Balkans for the last ten years.

They have gradually developed their own distinctive sound, combining energetic rock'n'roll, post-punk and much more in between. On the one hand, we have a hard-to-control guitarist, psychotically slicing veins on his guitar and twisting punk-ish split chords into heavy stoned riffs, backed by a fluid and sliding bass and the relentless pounding of a drummer.

Repetitor is a delight for all fans of authentic expression and distorted madness!

They have released five albums so far, most recently 'Prazan prostor među nama koji može i da ne postoji' (in English An empty space between us that may or may not exist) in 2020. All their albums are free to download/name your price on their Bandcamp site.

The recording features two songs from this album, Džungla (Jungle) and Od izvora (From The Source), the first and last song from this concert.

This is a part from performance at Zmaj Ma Mlade (in English The Dragon Has Young) festival, Postojna, 9.9.2023.


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I can imagine how relevant they are for them to still be important after ten years. They’ve got a great performance too

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