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Date: 08/06/2023 - Upvotes : 160 - Words : 204


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Hello everyone!

Video mix (slideshow animation) of my collages in Let's Make a Collage community in 2023. Quite a few of these images have accumulated, just enough for one video collage.

If you are interested in previous years, there are also videos for each year in the links below:

LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022 | LMAC2023

Here are the links to my LMAC2023 collages:

Free Style: When, Free Style: Cake, Castles, Feathers & Flowers, Bubbles, Vegeland, Eruption, No Place To Hide, The Fiction, Party, Ink Attack, Glory Of Colors, Loop To Nowhere, The Creature, Stargate, Glimpse, Abstract, Where Do We Go?, Vision, Visitor, Changes, Eco Message, Alternative, The Dream Machine, Perspective, Disruption, Complexity, Celebration, FreeStyle Starter

My contribution to LIL - LMAC Image Library.


  • 20% to the @lmac community

Thanks to @ravenmus1c for a new source of music - Panda Beats

Copyright Free Music: Panda Beats - Empty Spaces

LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022 | LMAC2023

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You should explain to me, when you get the chance, for what reason each of your collages is not included in the individual rounds of the #LMAC? In my opinion they are (for my taste) extremely well done. Way, way above the average.