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Date: 09/01/2023 - Upvotes : 97 - Words : 1084

New Tunes 1.9.2023

Hello music lovers! 🎵

The first day of school in our primary and secondary schools. Students need to make the most of it, and good music should not be missing now.

No problem, here's a #newtunes selection of new music for the weekend and beyond! And don't forget HPUD, you still have a few hours.


Lesser-known musicians with their fresh songs, slowly turned us towards the autumn mood. But is summer adieu? Well, there will be something for everyone in the selection. Romance, rock, punk, jazzy, etc... If you don't like something, just skip it.


🎵 🎧 🎵

Pale Blue Eyes - Spaces

Pale Blue Eyes is a young band from Sheffield, UK. Unknown to me, they have released five singles and two albums, the latest, This House just today. Intimate guitar melancholy, enriched with synths, early 80s indie, almost a new romance. But is it just me who feels that new music is going back and recycling old tunes? But with a fresh twist of the new twenties.
🎵 🎧 🎵

Canthy - Follower

But this is brand new and I don't think anyone (including me) has ever heard of this guy, a singer and multi-instrumentalist from East London. Here's his debut single Follower, with original music that attempts to recreate dystopian and transmuted spaces. In his own words:

This tune came up as a pagan love song to self-checkout cameras and facial recognition. It's my stalker song to digital dependency. The Singer is both the Voyeur and the one being watched in a cybernetic dystopia before finally being confronted by a real-world situation.

Hmm, sounds complex, isn't it? But don't worry, the music is pleasant alt indie weird pop.
🎵 🎧 🎵

Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North Of Richmond

I don't even know this Oliver Anthony, but he came to my attention when I read somewhere that he, as an anonymous singer-songwriter, had rocketed to the top of the US Billboard Top 100 in just two weeks with this song, recorded live in the woods of Virginia. Without a record deal. Right-wing politicians immediately jumped up and said it was a protest song with a strong message to the working class.... the other political side, of course, spat on the song, saying it had nothing to do with protest songs...

I'm not American and I don't even care about their left-right confrontations that happen in all areas (but, hey, it's the same bullshit here...). Anyway, here you have a bone to gnaw on and you can judge for yourself what it's all about...
🎵 🎧 🎵

Black Rainbows - All The Chaos In Mine

Black Rainbows is a stoner trio from Rome, Italy. They have been active since 2006 and have released eight albums, the latest, Superskull, in June this year. With their style of psychedelic guitar fuzz riffs and vocals, they look back to seventies heavy metal bands and the dreamy sonic worlds of endless deserts.

Well, this song, All The Chaos Is Mine is more of a ballad of sorts, best listened to when you're standing somewhere in a long column from the sea back home. It'll get you down :)
🎵 🎧 🎵

Dorotheo - Intención

Dorotheo is a 5-member group from Guadalajara, Mexico. They have been active since 2011. Unknown to me. This July they released their third album Nada Escrito with associate vocalist, flutist, and clarinettist Cyn Estevez. Alter rock. Melancholic guitar riffs and a smooth rhythm provide a good backdrop for the female and male vocals that wonder how this world stands, who is above us that hinders us and humanity. In a softer, Mexican version of Spanish.
🎵 🎧 🎵

Imploders - Beatin' On the Brain

Imploders is a Canadian HC punk band, they recently released an album called Imploders, which continues the tradition of 80's hardcore and punk. There is nothing new here, not much philosophy, just raw, bouncy, fast, simple guitar melodies bursting with energy. Genuine and simple old-school HC. They are coming to the club where I usually record in October so I will probably archive them. For the presentation, I chose the longest song on the album - Beatin' On The Brain. But don't immediately grab yourself by the head or turn the sound down. It's one minute and fifty seconds long :)
🎵 🎧 🎵

Pedro Martins - Não Leve A Mal

Pedro Martins is a Brazilian guitarist and composer who has been based in Los Angeles for the last year, and the result of his relocation is his latest album Rádio Mistério, a pop jazzy brasilera album on which he collaborates with many other musicians. A guitar virtuoso who is also no stranger to production and mixing different influences. This is because he is at home in Brasilia, an artificial city where the mixing of different musical traditions is the result of all immigrants. In this song, Não Leve A Mal, Eric Clapton keeps him company and plays guitar with him.
🎵 🎧 🎵

Noname - potentially the interlude

Noname, or Fatimah Nyeema Warner, is a poet, rapper, and producer from Chicago. Known for her highly critical and radical lyrics, she has been performing since 2016, previously releasing more mix tapes. Due to her radical views, she has been criticized by other rappers and has therefore temporarily withdrawn. Sundial is her second album, released at the beginning of August this year. She seems to have calmed down a bit, but not too much :)

That's all for today, I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

🎵 🎧 🎵

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Music is life as you have said The tunes you shared here are lovely Keep it up!

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w74 :

In my opinion, it is not just a lack of imagination when politicians use artists' repertoires for election campaign purposes without prior permission. No, it is also a sign of unimaginable stupidity when one cannot even correctly interpret the message of the lyrics. Nor does it necessarily speak for the competence of his advisors. This time it's Oliver Anthony, who is also driven into the country corner by the media. Life can be really unfair sometimes 😉😮

Noname is interesting. But when it comes to rap, I like the themes that deal critically with what's happening on my doorstep.

Pale Blue Eyes seem to have found their home in the 70's.

Candy makes me sleepy after a while.