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Date: 09/18/2023 - Upvotes : 113 - Words : 396

Mother's Cake - The Beetle

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Mother's Cake is an Austrian rock band from Innsbruck. They were founded at the end of 2008. They've played hundreds of gigs, in Europe, Australia and India.

They play all kinds of styles, but psychedelia and space rock are the genres that suit them best. They presented their latest album, Cyberfunk, from 2020, from which this song 'The Beetle' is taken.

To quote them:

Disorder makes us feel comfortable. Lunacy is our fuel. Psychedelia is our ecstasy.

That's a part of performance in Bearstone Festival, Slunj, Croatia, 8.7.2023.

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rafzat :

With this being played, I think Mother's cake is an amazing band I love it!

w74 :

Grateful Dead & King Crimson in Austrian-style. I have always been aware that our neighbours have some very special mind-expanding drugs. Mother's Cake is the audible proof. But it seems to me that the chemists from the Alps haven't found the right mixture yet.