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Date: 07/02/2023 - Upvotes : 138 - Words : 288

LMAC178: Feathers & Flowers

Hello everyone! 😎

That's my entry to the Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 178 - 164 HIVE in the Prize Pool!

Feathers and flowers go nicely together. If nothing else, they work well in a collage where they collaborate really well. And when they work in partnership and harmony, big changes can happen. More on that next time.

📷 😎 📷
📷 😎 📷

Sources for the collage

  • base image by @shaka


Contributed to the #LIL by @alex2alex.

Contributed to the #LIL by @alex2alex.

Contributed to the #LIL by @alex2alex.

Contributed to the #LIL by @agmoore.

📷 😎 📷

The creation process

The collage is created in Photoshop. First, I changed the main image and then processed the other elements and added them to the collage by layers.


Hope you have fun!

LIL Beneficiaries:

  • 20% goes to the community (@lmac)
  • 2% goes to @agmoore
  • 2% goes to @alex2alex
📷 😎 📷

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My contribution to LIL - LMAC Image Library

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agmoore :

I see the flowers and feathers relationship. There is a kind of harmony. It works well. As always with your collages, very original.

Thank you for using LIL images, @seckorama. Good luck this week!

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adncabrera :

Una muy atractiva composición geométrica con motivos naturales. Suele pensar en estos esquemas como esquemas antagónicos, sin embargo, nada más detenernos un poco a mirar simetrías, por ejemplo... Me gustó mucho tu collage, @seckorama.