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Date: 07/30/2023 - Upvotes : 150 - Words : 525

LIL: Entry To The LMAC Image Library #38

Hello everyone! 📷 😎

My 38th post for the LMAC Image Library. The latest was a six days ago.

It's a vacation time, which means we're all collecting new photos and memories, but I have some older I could share in LIL library, for me seems the right time to do this. :)

For this, 38th post, I've made transparent images from my photos. I removed the backgrounds, then save the images in 24-bit PNG files to allow further editing. I hope they'll be useful to somebody, I have the original photos archived somewhere anyway.

What is LMAC Image Library or LIL?
It's the largest Hive's public domain image index with more than 12.400 photos and graphics right now. A project is initiated by the Let's Make A Collage community (kudos to @shaka and @quantumg) where Hive users can post their own images.

Anyone on Hive can contribute to the library and everyone can use the images from the library. You can read the "How To" instructions and detailed usage rules here.

The main purpose is to use them in your collages for LMAC contests, but you can also use them in other Hive posts, apps and projects.

These photos are under a Public Domain license, as required in LIL.
You can use them anywhere for anything, but most of all, in your collage creations and Hive posts.

📷 😎 📷
Green Forest Dwarf gnome, dwarf, forest, cycling, transparent
Monument next to Lake Bled monument, memorial, sculpture, Bled, lake, transparent
Typical house from Gorenjska region (Slovenia) architecture, building, house, transparent
Villa next to Lake Bled architecture, building, house, villa, transparent
Soldier puppet at the entrance of the Military History Park, Pivka puppet, statue, military, soldier, transparent
Soldier head, right head, puppet, statue, military, soldier, transparent
Soldier head, left head, puppet, statue, military, soldier, transparent
Soldier head, front head, puppet, statue, military, soldier, transparent
Piglet, paperweight piggy, pig, piglet, paperweight, transparent
Body statue, running, front statue, monument, sculpture, memorial, transparent
Statue, running, right side statue, monument, sculpture, memorial, transparent
Statue, running, left side statue, monument, sculpture, memorial, transparent
Mountain cannon, World War I weapon, gun, cannon, military, transparent
Engine engine, motor, machinery, transparent
Diving suit, World War II diving, suit, military, wwII, transparent
📷 😎 📷
*btw: Table is properly scripted, tested with [LIL checker](*
20% of the earnings go to the community (@lmac).
All my images in the **[LMAC.Gallery](** ... will be more ... asap ... 😁

Take a look at my previous LMAC collages - divided by years - Slideshow animations with AI sounds :) 🎵 LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022

Thank you for your attention!

📷 😎 📷
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