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Date: 06/21/2023 - Upvotes : 237 - Words : 562

Changes in the field

Hello everyone! 😎

Summer has started and there's been a lot going on lately. This is my fourth post this year about cultivating the field. The last one was written twenty days ago when we had finished planting.

Then it started to rain and it rained every day for a week. Just in time, the plants, and with them the weeds, started to grow rapidly.


If you remember photos from a previous post, you can see that there is now something new. Yes, my wife wanted a garden shed to put her tools in, and I had to grant her wish, which, I have to mention, cost me a lot of nerves, money and effort.

To avoid wasting your and (my) time, here is a short animation of the whole process, which I have already posted, but now it's in the right context. 😁


Now, after two weeks of drought, my wife and I are watering the plants and clearing the weeds. By hand, which is a pain, because now, when I most need a cultivator to quickly clear the weeds, it's broken :(

Well, no matter what, the plants are growing, there are no pests yet, and weeds are the only nuisance at the moment, which we deal with by weeding with hoes every day.

The potatoes are growing well and I have already cleared them of weeds. What I find interesting is that on the right side of the photo, there are last year's potatoes, which logically should not be growing like this because they are last year's, and on the left side there are seed potatoes bought this year. Something is not going through my head here, it should be the other way around... No pests so far, although I have seen some potato beetle larvae on it and have removed them by hand.


Two tomatoes have even appeared.

📷 😎 📷

Can you find chickpeas in this weed? I hope to have it cleaned by the end of the week.

📷 😎 📷

Here is a cleaned young onion.


We will try zucchini soon.

📷 😎 📷

Some beans.


The only thing that hasn't sprouted this year is soya beans. I had the same seed as last year (from my mother who has been planting soya beans with the same seed for more than 20 years), but I am not sure why it did not germinate. Not a single plant. It was probably too old. Here are the pictures of my soya beans, and the recipe for edamame, from last year.

I am a little worried about the chilies, they have taken hold, but they are not growing, they are more yellow, even though I water them regularly.


And some more vegetables, red chard, fennel, onion, garlic, and lettuce.

📷 😎 📷

As you have seen, the plants are growing, the field is getting tidier every week and hopefully, there will be some crops. We usually take a whole crate of our vegetables when we go on holiday. If it's ripe by then, of course.

For those of you who are more interested in my farming, here are links to my previous posts where I explained how everything was started.

Almost everything is planted, Update - ploughing and planting potatoes, First job in the field - cleaning.

Thanks for your attention, see you when there's something new!

📷 😎 📷
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Comments :

mypathtofire :

Great work on your field. Super work on first the base for the shed and then building the shed too. Looks like you went for a Biohort one there, we are thinking to get one for the garden too, i like the quality build of them.

ecency :

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bigorna1 :

Good job, looks great.

zekepickleman :

Wow man the field is looking awesome! That shed is one hell of a project and it is apparent you did it very well. It won you wifepoints and will be great for you too.

I am having garden envy as you have so much space to grow! You must have a large family or a plan on distributing the extra produce that comes at harvest time.

Nice work!

xuwi :

We women always think something new that our husband doesn't see any need to them)) Your garden is very beautiful and I know there is a lot of done. As my father-in-law works in our garden day and night. He like when everything is clean and no weeds in our garden)

poshthreads :

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beeber :

Looks great and you can collect rain water now!

miljo76 :

You're doing great, congtats! The garden shed looks really useful. Full of everything! Looks like you're slowly becoming a vegetarian 😁

sapphirecrypto :

Wow... the veggies are looking great! You are inspiring me here...