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Date: 10/11/2023 - Upvotes : 222 - Words : 599

Autumn Field Update

Hello everyone! 🍆🌱🍅🥕

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post Harvesting time in the HiveGarden community. This time really flies by, especially as summer is coming to an end.


And with the end of summer, the era of summer vegetables is over. It's gone. Tomatoes remained green, got sick, turned brown, and fell off. Courgettes and cucumbers have blossomed and disappeared, and peppers and eggplants are small and no longer growing anywhere.


Autumn and winter vegetables are on the agenda. We have already cleared the area where the potatoes were planted and beetroot (a little less), and turnips (a little more) are now growing there.







Speaking of potatoes, I'm not satisfied, although there were plenty of them. It is now in crates, dry and in the dark, but it's still rotting and it's necessary to remove the rotten tubers from the crates every few days :(



The other autumn vegetables we sowed at the end of August are growing well. Brussels sprouts, cone chicory, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and andivia lettuce.








There are also a few pumpkins left to pick.







Almost all the chillies are ripe too, this will be the second round, I've already made the sauce from the first round and I've put some of them in olive oil. (Post will be ASAP 😀)

I am happy about these, Habanero chocolate, there was only one before. These are really good.






I picked up everything



The corn was a disappointment in the end, we ate a few young cobs in the summer and the rest was like this photo.



A couple of days ago I started to clean up the leftover corn.












Garlic will be planted here shortly to mature until next spring. Last autumn we planted some garlic and it was much better than the bought garlic (Chinese, Spanish, or Slovenian which is even more expensive) from local shops. So I loosened the soil, even though it was a little damp, with a motor cultivator.




Finally, I cleaned up the leftover tomatoes and saved the wooden bars for next year.





I have some green beans left, which are slowly collapsing (in the top left corner of the photo). I will save these bars for next year too.


In short, there's all the work you want. I will continue this cleaning until the first rain, which is forecast for the weekend...

And finally, the insects that love to eat my chicory and lettuce :(

That's it for now, I'll report back when there's something new.

Thanks for your attention.


That's my eight post this year about how I got into gardening, and my third in the HiveGarden community. For those of you who are more interested in my farming and gardening, here are links to my previous posts where I explain how it all started.

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Comments :

mypathtofire :

Great update, good to see your haul of chillies and potatoes. Amazing you can get so much from the land there. Still lots of work to do though?

indiaunited :

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beeber :

Wow 😯 fantastic harvest. I never tried to grow winter varieties !dhedge

biyimi :

One of the things I really aim is to have a garden in my house years in the future. Harvesting fresh product will be great

maytom :

I really like looking at your pumpkins. there is no type of pumpkin in my area @seckorama

afterglow :

This one is huge, how many kilos is it?

rafzat :

Just look at how your plants are many and that's one reason I am even planning to have a garden I really want to have and take it as a job

beeber :

Good morning Just was thinking this we need to take our potatoes out earth. And Had to think about yours, rotting so much! Inspiration: Better use a wooden Box? Have a great day 😘